Hack facebook account with wapka phishing 100% working method(TESTED)

It is illegal you will be own responsible for the work done by you..
In phishing we create a fake login page like Facebook and create a link when victim click on that link he/she come to our fake login page and when our victim login ...we got his ID and password So lets start :
1) create a account on Wapka by clicking here
2) verify your account by going to your gmail and confirm it
3) then click on create a new site
4) enter the name of your phishing site then click on create site
5) After creating a new site click on manage.. written along your site name
6) After clicking on manage then click on Admin mode
7) Then click on edit site
8) Now click onWML/XHTML CODE
9) Now copy the code from Here
(Copy raw paste data on end of page)
10) Now click on save..
And your phishing is ready :D
send that link to your victim and when your victim login into your phishing his ID and Password will send to your gmail :D
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