How to unlock password protected pc 100% working trick

How to unlock Password Protect PC and Delete Admin Password

Cannot get access to a computer for not being told the password or be locked out of your computer as you’ve forgotten the password?
 So you must wonder how to unlock a locked computer without password. Then you are in the right place. Here we will share everyone several methods to gain access to a locked computer without knowing its password. This is not to say,of course, that we will hack one’s computer. What we will do is unlocking legitimately by password reset.
First of all remove Hard disk from your computer/laptop
Follow Steps:
Now navigate  toc:\Windows\System32\config
After reach on that folder showing in above like,Find SAM & SAM.log files and Delete them
Now Put your Hard disk to your PC and access as admin by empty password.

Option 1: Unlock computer with password reset disk:

A password reset disk should be your first thought tounlock your computer when forgot password. What is the password reset disk, and how to make a password reset disk for your computer, see:

What you need to do is plugging the reset disk into your computer’s disc drive after failed to logon. Then click the Reset passwordlink showed up on the login screen and then follow its Password Reset Wizardto reset/change your Windows password.This will be the easiest and quickest method. But only if you ever created a password reset disk on your computer before forgetting the Windows account password. If you forgot to make such a password reset disk, you also canmake a password reset disk on another computer. Then use this disk to reset password for your locked computer.

Option 2: Unlock computer in Safe Mode - 

Without password disk.Boot your computer in Safe Mode so that you can login to Windows as the built-in Administrator account. Then reset password for your locked account.

Step 1:Start or restart your computer. Instantly press and hold F8 to enterAdvanced Boot Options. Then choose Safe Mode to start.

Step 2:Logon as the account named Administrator.

Step 3:Change
or remove your forgotten password in Control Panel

.Tips:The built-in administrator was created while Windows installation, and it’s disabled by default. So you need toenable the built-in Administrator accountmanually. If you did not enable it then you will never access it.


Enjoy !
Note- Try on your own risk we will not responsible for any loss.