How to convert your 1 GB sd card to 2 GB

How to convert your 1 GB SD card to 2 GB ?

I know many of you are exited for this trick.I am sure it will be useful.many time we face problems due to shortage of memory in our phones and thus we are unable to store important data with us. so today with this method you can increase memory of your sd card and will be happy with my trick...

You just have to follow these simple steps:

1) First plug your SD card into your PC.

2) Then backup your all SD card files.

3) Then format your SD card.

4) Then download skymedi software in your PC and install it.

5) After installation the application will automatically run in a new window.

6) Then a window will pop-up with an option " Fix or cancel"

7) After choosing your SD card click on fix..After choosing memory card click on yes for confirmation
8) Application will show you about 955 MB because you have inserted 1 GB memory card.

9) After completing this process the app will ask you to unplug the SD card.

10) Then you have to check that this trick worked for you or not..just check storage in my computer.

Please give your feedback that this trick worked for you or not..

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