How to Block Your Friend's Facebook id

Block facebook account temporarily – how to block a facebook account of someone
block facebook account temporarily –  Hey guys in today we are come up with an another facebook trick in which you can block facebook account temporarily personaly i tested this trick and its working rocking so thats why we are going to share this trick with all of our readers
Block facebook account temporarily
As you know nowdays many pepole creating fake account by using someone name and pic so now you can easily block facebook account tenporarily by reporting on facebook but this trick is more intresting because here you no need to do report or anything here you just need do send a link and tell him to copy that link and comment that link at any facebook profile picture if once victim will do that then he/she will out of facebook. yes you read it right if you don’t trust then try it yourself by doing above steps
Block facebook account temporarily
This is a Virus link which can lock any facebook account temporarily once victim will comment any profile picture. When your victim comment this link two times his Fb account gets temporarily locked lets see the guide about Block Facebook Account Temporarily
how to block a facebook account of someone
Firstly copy this virus linkhttp:@//34255353309 (Remove @)Now open your Facebook account and send this link of victim and ask him to comment this link to her profile picture (Tell him anything like hey comment this link to your profile pic and get 500+ likes to your pic)Once victim will comment two times on his profile picture then his account gets temporaily blockedThats it. Enjoy
Note : 1. Give this link to victim don’t comment this link on your own profile otherwise your account will blocked
Note : 2. Before sending it to anyone, make sure that there is a space between “ http:// ” and “34255353309”, else you facebook account will get temporary locked .
So now you have successfully blocked someone fb account then if you want to unblock temporary blocked fb account then follow below easy steps-
How to Unlock temporary Blocked Facebook account easily
You’ll get temporary blocked notification whenever you try to post that link anywhere on Facebook like- in Comments, Status etc. Are you temporary blocked? Try following steps to recover your account.When you see “Your Account is Temporary Locked”, Click on Continue.
Then Facebook will ask you to complete a security challenge, just enter the captcha to complete it.
Now confirm your Identity just by Answering your security question, Mobile/Phone Number verification or by Identifying photos of your friends.That’s it. Now your Facebook ID is now unlocked .