How to shere PDF,zip,apk,rar files on whatsapp


Whatsapp is one the most popular messages app for smartphone. Whatsapp becomes most of addicted because of its amazing features like chatting, calling, status, profile and many more.

 Whatsapp becomes famous after android smartphones are commonly used worldwide. Android devices are popular due to their amazing features and low cost. Android OS is based on Linux and hardware independent due to this reason Android Apps are compatible with different version of Android OS.

Everyone use Android Phone because of its features and huge market place like Google Play Store. Where we can download apps and games according to different categories.

On Android devices we use various social messengers and social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike etc to keep in touch with friends and relative.

From the list of all, whatsapp is at top. Whatsapp is was not available on PC as software application but we can access it to know check outhow to install Whatsapp on PC.

We share text, audio, video, images etc with our friends create groups and take enjoy of group chat etc. Due to these features Whatsapp become the most popular messenger.

But the another serious problem  faces by users of WhatsApp messenger is that,we can’tshare PDF, doc, ppt, apk, rar, Zip, xks files on whatsapp.
If you also want to know how to share these files data files on whatsapp then do not worry because in this article we provide you a trick to share zip, PDF and apk like files on whatsapp with your friends.How To Share Pdf, Doc, Apk, Zip Files On Whatsapp.


Step 1. You have to download the dropbox App first on your Android device. You need a dropbox account if you already have a drop account then no problem other wise  to create the account and login to it.

Step 2.Download and install CloudSend App to your device .
After installation launch the App and go through it. This will ask you for the authorization by the end. You have to allow all permissions to this App.

Step 3.After giving permission in our dropbox folder, a folder is created automatically named cloudsend. Now you can close the App after completing the authorization.

Step 4.  If you want to send any type of file, hold the file through file manager and click the share button. Now you see a popup menu.

Step 5. From the popup menu press the Cloud send option. Wait until the selected file is uploaded on the cloudsend folder in dropbox. The duration of uploading will depend on the size of file.

Step 6.Cloudsend App does not allow any restriction regarding the file size and provide two option after uploading the file copy and share. You can share the file or copy the link of any file.

Step 7.Now select share button option. By selecting this option you will be able to share your file in different platform like Gmail, Whatsapp, SMS, WeChat etc.

Step 8.Now choose Whatsapp option to share file with Whatsapp. After selecting this option it will ask for the contacts with which you want to share files. Share the link of file with your friends.

I hope you like this method to share zip, pdf, apk and other files on whatsapp. Don’t forget to share it with others.