Android O Latest Rumors : Name/Release/Features/Review

Android O Latest Rumors : Name/Release/Features/Review
Android O

Android O :


Google always comes up with some new and attractive android versions each year. Last year they came up with Android N (Nougat 7.X) and that didn't got much response as they were looking for. As Android L (Lollipop 5.X) didn't performed well they dropped Android M (Marshmallow 6.X) and Marshmallow performed very well so after Nougat's low response people are looking for Android O.
Android O Latest Rumors : Name/Release/Features/Review

The main reason for Android N's low response was "less coverage". Now Google is gonna back in game with Android O and few days back Google dropped bombshell by announcing some latest unique features of Android O. The Android O's UI is little similar to Android N but they have added some new features that are available in only Custom ROMs.
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The Android O's Developers preview is out and developers are working on it so they can make third own Custom Android O soon!
Android O Latest Rumors : Name/Release/Features/Review

The Concept of Android O is based on Custom ROMs as they are more user friendly and more customizable. So coming Android O will be more customizable and you can tweak your Android O very much as custom ROM's

So let's Talk about its Name !!!
People are searching on Google massively :-
What will be name of Android O
Android O name
Android O rumored name

So What will be next Android OS be called?

But let me clear ! Google didn't announced any name for Android O.
Google gonna make some suspense and will announce a name for O in Android O but there is lot of time in that. According to me Google will announce the name a month before official release of Android O.
Some rumored names for Android O are :-
  • Android Oreo
  • Android Orange
  • Android Oatcake

"Suggest us some new names for Android O in comment section and we will add your comments in our post"
As Android Lollipop was 5.0-5.1, Android Marshmallow 6.0, Android Nougat 7.0-7.2 (Rumored 7.2) so in this manner we can guess Android O will be 8.X but don't forget Google hasn't done in same way as they launched Android I, J and k (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat) all three at 4.X so just cross your fingers but probability of 8.X is 0.9/1.0

Now the question arises :-

When Android O will be released?

According to me Google will release Android O in last week of August or first week of September as they launched Android N and some old versions.

People are looking on Google massively about new Android O's features

  • What are features of Android O
  • What are new features of Android O
  • Android O features

  • Notifications Tweaks in Android O

Google have announced that you can snooze notifications for some time and you can customize them in group or any manner you want. Dev can set time limit to notifications to time out too. You can also change the background colour of notification and their style in Android O.

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  • Improved Auto-Fill Framework

As you don't have to fill login information on some browser each time you going to log in as they are auto filled in same manner Google have improved their auto fill framework in Android O so you don't need to fill your credit card info, login info, etc every time which results in less chance of mistakes and will save your time too !

  • Multi Display

Google announced Multi Window feature in Android O by which you can use two apps at same time by splitting your screen in two equal parts. This feature was first launched with Android M but that was locked and only Dev can unlock them via recovery.

  • Improved Gestures

Instead of saying "OK Google" now you can draw C on your screen to open Contacts (this feature was available in some Chinese phonea before)

  • Background Limit

In Android N Google introduced restrictions on background running apps which results in saving battery backup. Now Google have improved this feature in coming Android O which will save your more battery.

  • Introducing Picture-in-Picture mode

As this feature is already available on Android TV this feature will be added in Android O too.

  • Adaptive Icon Packs 

Icons in Android O will support visual effects so they can be displayed in various shape and size on different devices.

  • Enhancements in Connectivity 

WiFi aware will allow apps to communicate with Wi-Fi without internet access points. We will also get improved Bluetooth support which will allow third party apps to send and receive packets faster in Android O.

  • Cached Data Management

Android O introduced Cached Data Management which will provide quota for each app for some limited cached data and after the disk space for that app get full it will automatically delete cached data that will save storage space.

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