Facebook Phone Number Name Trick~Working Tested

Hey Guys, Today We are Going To Talk About a Very Awesome Trick. Many Of you will Not Trust me because Today What i am Going to Tell is Nearly Impossible.  Today We Will Talk About Facebook Phone Number Name Trick. You Will Today Create Facebook id With Phone Number Name By Following Simple steps.

facebook phone number name trick
Phone Number Name ID

 In Our  Different Facebook Accounts Creation Tricks, We Have already Mentioned Too Many Tricks For Creating Different Types of Facebook accounts. For Example I have Already Posted Method for Creating Invisible Name Group! If You Have Not Read That Before Read It Here.  And All Type of Facebook Accounts Tricks Like Song Name Account, Invisble Name Account trick Etc. In My old Posts , You Can Read All of Them Here.

Guys You All Know The Importance of a Facebook Account In Today's Life. But What If You Have a Different Looking Facebook Account? Like if Everyone have Facebook Account with Their Origional name Or Whatever but You will be Having facebook account Without a Name and You Will Be Having Facebook Account With Number Name(Any Number).

Ques- What Will Be Its Advantage?
Answer- No Technical Advantage but It Will Be Benificial in Your Reputation in Tricks World. Like Everyone will ask you To Tell Them Trick To Create a Facebook account Like This.

Ques- Is There any Advantage of This account Then a Normal One?
Answer- No, Facebook Will Treat This one same as Normal Accounts and Policies and Rules are same for All.

So Guys Now Lets Talk About The Trick.

Facebook Phone Number Name Trick


If You are from India Then No Need of Any Vpn and If You are from Any Country Then You Have to Download a Good Vpn and You Have To Connect To Indonesia.  I Suggest You to Use Fly Vpn.

Trick To Create Phone Number Name Account:

1. Guys You Have to Open Mobile Mode Facebook Link for Mobile Mode Facebook https://m.facebook.com 
2. Then Just Click On Signup and See Languages  Portion and Select Tamil Language As Shown In Screen Shot.
phone number name trick, How to create phone number name id

3. Then You Will See The Signup Form In a Non-Understandable Language. Simple Copy all Texts and Paste in Google Translator for Better Understanding.
4. Copy This Blue Coloured Text   ゖゖ ™™™Enter Your Number@() ゖ ✔  
Just Enter Your Mobile Number On The Place Of "Enter Your Mobile Number"  And Just Paste it In Name Box. 
5. Fill All Fields Instead of Mobile/Email. NOTE-  This Step is Important 
Only Fill Mobile Number Not Email Otherwise Trick will be Failed.  You Can Add any fake Mobile Number for some Time.  
6. Now Just Choose and Fill All The Fields and Click on Signup. 
7. On The Step of Confirming Mobile Number , See Option of Change Email and Click on It. Then add Any Email There. Fake Or Real.  Also See- Fake Email Provider Sites
8.  Just Verify Your email and Your Account Is Ready, Don't Forget To Change Language Back To English :-p
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