How to Make an Intro For Your Youtube Channel

Many Of The New Youtubers Doesn’t Make An Intro For Their Youtube Channel. They Simply Start posting Their Videos. But This Is Not Like a Professional By Making This Type It Will a Negative Impact On Your viewers.

Not Only Its Shows A Negative Impact On Your Viewers,But Also Shows An Unprofessional Look and You Can’t Grab Any Views Or Subscribers . But Some people will Probably Not Agree On My Words They will think We Are Making A Good Content and It Is Necessary For Views And Subscribers.So What Is The Necessity For An Intro Video. For Those I will Give some More Clear Information to Know Why Youtube Intro Is Important And How You Can Make An Intro Easily By a Simple Method. Read Out This Post Of How To Make An Intro For Your Youtube Channel.

So Let’s Discuss About How YouTube Intro Is Important:

Importance Of Youtube Intro:

Intro is Essential Factor For You If You Are A Youtuber. You Can Check All Top 10 Youtube Channel, Their Channel Have An Intro Video. The Reason Behind Is Quite Simple. I Will Explain You With An Example, If You Are playing A Blind Game And Your Friend Bring An Apple And Put On Your Mouth Without Knowing About That Object Is An Apple Is You Will Eat That One ? No, It Is Also A Similar Thing Without Knowing About You And What Your Channel Is About Why People Will Came To Your Channel For watching Your Videos. Intro For Your Youtube Channel Is Useful To Establish A Good Trust On You. So Now We have discussed about Importance of an intro. Now Lets See How To Make An Intro For Your Youtube Channel.

How To Make Intro For Your Youtube Channel

I Will Tell You In Mobile Because Mobile Is Friendly For Anyone Than Any Computer Or Laptops.Mobiles Are Friendly For Us And Nowadays A Phone Can Do Most Of The Thing Which Computers Can Do.

And I have Seen Many Of The Youtubers Who are Using Android Phones For Making Videos

So Let’s Talk How You Can Make An Intro On Your Smartphone. For This You Can Follow Given Process Step By Step

Steps to Create Youtube Intro:

1.Take Your Mobile Phone And Go To Playstore and Search Legend-Animate Text In Video.
2.Click On First Result And Download It .
3. After Downloading Open This App.
4.After Opening This App. You Can Find A Thoughts For To Give An Idea For Your Intro.
5.Clear The Text And Add Your Idea To Fill It. For Example, My Channel Name Is Geekzontech . I Will Write My Channel Name.
6. Click On Tick Mark.
7.Now You Can See many Options, Click On Play Button Which Is In The Middle. Then You Can See An Animation Options Of Your Text.
8.Select Any Of Your Desired Animation.
9.And Then Click On Download Button. And Upload It Into Your Channel.

If You Have Any Problems On Text Format You Can Also Change Those Texts The Text Format Option Will Help You For It. This Is Simple And Effective Process.

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